ThickSistah -For the past 10 years the mother and daughter team of the Lightners, has worked in their  community to educate the public on the growing dangers of obesity and related diseases.  Their mission has continued to impact change; therefore allowing them to become a positive force in the plus size community. 

With their THICK Brand; They inform, educate and inspire.  Areas of focus include:  Self Confidence, Fashion, Beauty and most importantly health!  Their influence covers the vital aspects of the complete person of size. 


Our Team

Tracy Lightner
Rich -currently attends Dallas Baptist University working toward her Master's Degree in Management.  She holds a BA degree in Communication and Minor in Human Resources.  She has worked in the DFW area in Human Resources & Recruiting for major employers over 15 years.  Born in Corpus Christi, TX and lived in the DFW area for the past 20+ years.   Tracy started! and assisted daughters Bryia and Brenique with! over 10 years ago.  To greater impact their local community,! a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization was started in 2009.

Bryia Lightner - currently attends The University of Texas at the Permian Basin.  Bryia will graduate this May with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.  She will continue to progress her education and apply to medical school.  Bryia desires to become a doctor and specialize in Neonatology!
Brenique Lightner - currently attends The University of Texas at Arlington.  Her major is Petroleum Engineering!  Brenique has started an online beauty video blog on fashion and beauty.  Since middle school, she has been a great influence on these topics to her friends and others.  Voted most Unique by her elementary teacher. You can find her on Instagram @ bbeautyethic. For her YouTube Channel, click here!