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America’s Obesity Epidemic
- America has reached a critical point in time as it relates to the health of it citizens.  Obesity has now become a national epidemic.  Diseases which are a direct result of obesity include:  hypertension, diabetes, stroke, cancer and the list continues to grow. 

The cost of obesity will impact the cost of hire for employers, result in a rise in medical costs, insurance and will eventually cost us all in the long run.

Please help us implement our programs to combat obesity, get the word out and join us in teaching health and increasing consciousness and knowledge.
CDC - Obesity is on the rise -- more than 72 million adults in this country weigh more than they should and it's making us sick. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, breast and colon cancers, and many other diseases can be prevented or managed with the important decision to lose weight.

The health statistics for African Americans point to the need for an individual and communal response to the problem of obesity. Forty-five percent of African-American adults are obese and the numbers are equally alarming for African-American children.

The good news is that there is help for those who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. The link above provides information about a variety of HHS and CDC programs designed to combat obesity and help people maintain a healthy weight.!
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