Kosha J wanted more than just to be a fashion designer, but to touch hearts of people that wore her brand. Once the menís couture collection was released, it had such a tremendous success that word of mouth started taking place. Her designs sweep away hearts of people. Celebrities from Bollywood industry were beginning to place orders. Kosha J has now been in demand for 4 years with success. She is known for her unique authenticity of collaborating American and Indian styles into her artwork. She took her designing to a new height when she brought out evening gowns, menís couture and kids clothing.
Kosha always said,"Right fashion is the armor to bring out your confidence!"-KJ

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Kosha J was born on March 8 in Dallas, TX. At, the age of 18, she decided to move to Poland to become a Doctor. After fulfilling her familyís dream, she went ahead to fulfill her passions and childhood dreams.

As a child, she had a dream to be in the fashion industry and becoming a known figure in society. Her desire felt incomplete and she decided to represent Miss Garland in Texas Pageant. This was a difficult period of her life; as she was still in medical school. Her desire to be on the stage was important to her. She waited out 2 years and once again in 2013 she re-entered the pageant as Miss Rowlett. However, this time she used her disappointment from the previous competition as her inspiration to style her garments.

Kosha J was enticed with designing her evening gown, interview and swim suit. Everyone around her began to flatter with the new changes; her creativity of a designer started to show through. By the age 24, designing her brand began to blossom into reality. She challenged herself to design sarees and created her collection during her visit to India. Finding success in her collection she attempted to do the impossible by collaborating two cultures together and to be the first American/Bollywood Fashion Designer.
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