Our Mission:

THICK Companies mission is Teaching Health & Increasing Consciousness & Knowledge for People of Size and in general. 

We Will: 

Advocate for those struggling with obesity through our various companies and non profit. 

Attend and host events catered to the obese and plus size community.

Educate the public on obesity news, trends and related information.

Provide resources and implement programs.

Our Mission
Our History:

ThickSistah.com! was born in 2005.  It started as a mission to bring focus and to positively promote the plus size community.  While conducting research, Tracy Lightner  noticed a trend concerning obesity in America which was not being widely addressed at the time. 

Daughters Bryia and Brenique joined their mother Tracy to increase obesity awareness in their community. Obesity and Positive self Image increasingly became important topics.  The media began to run stories more and more and soon the team of Lightners added ThickTeenz.com! and ThickHealth.org! to their umbrella of companies.  They host health fairs, obesity summits, walk-a-thons, fit camps and more. The Lightners provide motivational speaking, make personal appearances and educate the public in various ways concerning obesity.

Across their companies, their main goal to impact change.  They encourage and foster positive self image.They understand that there is a false sense of comfort within the plus size market. No, not everyone is or will be a size 2, 4, 6 or 12. Obesity is real and is an American Epidemic.  Though ThickSistah.com! embraces Healthy Curves, it is not okay to be unhealthy. They understand that weight management for many is a challenge. Most may never be skinny but it is important to not just love the skin you are in but love yourself enough to work toward being healthy!  In all truth, obesity causes sickness and morbid obesity can mean death.